Sunday, 17 January 2010

day one: of my blog life

So, this is a blog - woopee . Actually its better than a diary because when i hit a lack of inspiration , a blogger's block shall we say , i can click on another tab and look at some bags or something. i'm obsessed with them, cant get enough ; infact my mother has kindly banned me from going to various places where i can find a bag that is nice enough for me to promise that i will swear not to buy another one again but it's not r e a l l y working.

BUT seeing as ive recently descovered ebay, my bag antics and what not or all that jazz, are going pretty well or WOULD be if my uncle reminded my mum her Paypal password . Thats what my family's like . Steeling paypal passwords and other significant IMPORTANT information - and then blackmailing people with them .

Ok i lie, my relatives aren't that bad and i love them all really but sometimes i just think they are spoiling it for everyone else namely ME . Oh well what can you do ? So you, ( or i ) will just have to live with it .

Lovee indie_indeed :;x

Oh and next on my hitlist is the Paul'sboutique-iloveBARBIEcollection , the black one :)

i know what i mean . Google it if you have nothing better to do because it will be worth it

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